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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Free Animal Printables For Kids

Recently my son was looking for some information on the Amazing Animals of the World for his Grade school project. We were delighted to find many wonderful sites that offer free animal printables for kids. I will share some of those we loved the most.

1. Free Animal Printables from National Geographic Kids - You can find one of the best free animal printables for kids here. First, you can do a quick search for the animals you want to discuss or read more about with your child. Animals are displayed in easy to find picture thumbnails. You click on the picture to find our more about the animal. Once you are there you can click on the tabs which include facts and photos of the animals, videos and sounds, a location map on where you can find the animal. You can even send an e-card with a picture of the animal and of course the best is the free animal printables for kids. All you need to do is click on the tab that says "Print This Creature". Each printable comes with a picture in the form of a foldable collector's card, a map and facts about the animal. They are comprehensive but also very interesting for kids. Five stars rating for this site.

2. Free Printable Animal Fact Sheet From World Animal Foundation - You can also get free printable animal fact sheets from this site. Animals are listed alphabetically so you will have no problem browsing and finding the animal you wish to know more about. The animal printables are in pdf file format and comes with pictures and interesting facts about the animals including the animal description, lifespan, food, habitat, behaviour, offspring, threats and how to protect the animals. Very nice. Four star rating from this blogger.

3. Fun Animal Facts For Kids - Not exactly a printable, this site offers fun animal facts for kids. I like that the facts are in point form and are kept interesting for kids. The animal facts come with a picture of the animals and the fun facts in point form all in one page, so you can printscreen if you prefer to read them off screen. You will find the more common animals listed with pictured thumbnails but if you scroll down the screen you will find more fun animal facts for kids. As the title suggests, the facts are kept fun and amazing. Kids will enjoy reading the fun facts. They are not boring at all.

4. Animal Profiles From ThinkQuest.org - The first thing that greets you on this site is a world map. Click on the map to find different animal profiles from different parts of the world. This will lead you to links to the animals from that part of the world. Click on the link to find the animal profiles. It comes with a picture of the animal plus its profile including its size, habitat and habits, food and feeding plus some cool facts. You will also need to printscreen to read offline if you prefer.

5. Free Animal Printable Sets And Worksheets from Anglomaniacy.pl - Although intended for those learning English as a second language, these free printable animal worksheets are excellent for all kids. There are 26 printable animal sets organized from A-Z here. The printables are in pdf format and are extremely fun for young children. You can choose to print either the animal facts or the animal activities or both. The animal fact sheet includes a cute rhyme or poem about the animal at the end of the facts. The animal worksheets and activities include animal wordsearch and word scramble game. They come with answers and cute cartoons images of the animals. Great for younger kids.

I hope you enjoy this compilation of where to find free animal printables for kids online. These amazing animals of the world printables can be used by older kids for school projects or can be read together and discussed with younger kids. Older kids can read on their own but it is always more fun to read together with a parent.


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