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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Free Printable Blank Timetable For School Children

I was going to do this post in January when we need it the most. However, I will be busy in January because my girl will be going to secondary school for the first time. It will be afternoon session for her whereas her brother is in the morning session so next year there will be more coordination involved in terms of our schedule.

Anyway, I am from Malaysia and this post is for the members of my Parenting Group on Facebook for Primary and Secondary Parents in Malaysia. In Malaysia, our semester begins in January. One of the very first things the school teacher will give out is the school timetable so to members of the group, you will be needing this free printable blank timetable for school children on the first week of January.

I've created one for boys and one for girls based on the template my children created for their school timetables. Since it is based on their actual school timetable, there are enough columns in there to fill in for the number of periods or lessons in our SJKC (Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan Cina) or SK (Sekolah Kebangsaan). All you have to do is fill in the times which I have left blank since each school is different and right a big "RECESS" OR "REHAT" right in the middle in each of the squares.

If your child does not have Saturday classes then you can ask your child to use that part to write some notes. For example, there will be library periods days or there may be two periods for gym but they are required to bring the gym clothes on one day and the gym book (or rather Health and Fitness book) on another day.

On certain days, the teacher may tell them to bring a different book for the same subject. They will have lots of exercise books for each subject. For example for BM (Bahasa Malaysia) they may have Bina Ayat (Making Sentences), Ejaan (Spelling), BM1, BM2 (usually for Pemahaman or Comprehension, there are two books so they are interchangeable and the child will have one while the other is with teacher for marking). The older kids may have these and in addition to that Karangan (Essays) and Nilai Murni (Moral Values). 6 exercise books for just one subject and the child is supposed to remember which book to bring on which day! Similarly, they may have to bring  several exercise books for Math, English and so on. So a proper timetable is crucial!

My children learned to use Microsoft Publisher in school and taught me how to use it. I suggested they created their school timetable with it and I'm really glad I did because they never lost a timetable again. Not when it is A4 sized, put over thick paper and wrapped with a book wrapper. It is easy for them to find too as they slip it at the back of their school bags.

This is how you do it. Print out the free timetable below. Then find an old brochure or even the back of an art block and cut it out to fit the paper. Next put the timetable on the hard paper. You don't have to paste the timetable on the thick paper because that makes it crumpled if not done nicely. Just put it over, then wrap the whole thing with a book wrapper. If you like, you can print two and make one for your child's wall or table at home or one for yourself as a backup.

Free Printable Blank Timetable For School Children - Boys
Free Printable Blank Timetable For School Children - Boys
 Download link for the Free School Timetable For Kids - Blue

Free Printable Blank Timetable For School Children - Girls
Free Printable Blank Timetable For School Children - Girls

Download link for the Free School Timetable For Kids - Pink


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