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Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Deepavali 2016 School Holidays

When is the school holiday for Deepavali 2016? We still get this question in our Facebook group.

Earlier in February we blogged about this on our blog on Cuti Perayaan And School Term Holidays. I guess it is too long ago so people don't really remember.

This year the Cuti Perayaan or Festive Holidays was set around 17 December 2015 by the Ministry of Education when they released the "TAKWIM PENGGAL DAN CUTI PERSEKOLAHAN TAHUN 2016 BAGI SEKOLAH KERAJAAN DAN BANTUAN KERAJAAN"

According to the circular Deepavali falls on Saturday, 29 October 2016. An extra 3 days holiday has been set as follows:

Group A Schools ( Kedah, Johor, Kelantan and Terengganu)

30th Oct (Sun)
31st Oct (Mon)
1st Nov (Tue)

Group B Schools (all other states)

28th Oct (Fri)
31st Oct (Mon)
1st Nov (Tue)

Since Group A schools have their weekends on Fri and Sat and Group B schools have their weekends on Sat and Sun, that would mean that all schools will be off for 5 days from 28th Oct (Friday) to 1st Nov (Tue).

Now that you have the dates, you can plan your holiday for the festival.

1 comment:

  1. No holiday in Sarawak. Wonder when it would be a gazetted holiday over here.


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