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Monday, September 26, 2016

Pigeon Post: A Book About Animals For Kids

Title: Pigeon Post And Other Stories
Author: Gwen Smith
Illustrator: Lim Lay Koon
Publisher: Oyez!Books
Number Of Pages: 112
Age Group: 9-14

Many young kids are fascinated with animals and reading about tales of animals. Kids who love animals will enjoy Pigeon Post And Other Stories by author Gwen Smith.

Set against the backdrop of familiar kampung scenes, these poignant animal tales speaks of love for animals. 
I like that the focus of these books are on our very own local country charm. In the main story, the writer and her mother are rescued by their homing pigeon during a landslide. 

Other stories are about how a little girl and her kind neighbour looks after a baby tupai they found during a storm, runaway chickens when a lorry carrying chicken crates hits a pothole, children finding new homes for kittens in their school PTA Open Day Project and a boy being attacked by wasps during a picnic at the waterfalls. 

All these 6 delightful animal stories are featured in the book under the following titles. 
  1. Pigeon Post
  2. Storm Damage
  3. A Ride On A Monster
  4. Rainbow Kittens
  5. Chickens
  6. The Dangerous Smell Of Nangka

Each story is about 15-25 pages. Just right for a beginner reader. Accompanying illustrations by Lim Lay Koon are spot on and complement the stories perfectly.

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