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School Holiday Programme December 2018


School Holiday Programme December 2018

Tuesday, January 09, 2018

Buying Your Own School Text Books

Textbook image are author's own used for illustration only and does not represent the latest

All students in public primary schools and secondary schools receive school text books on loan each year  under the The Textbook Loan Scheme (TBLS) or Skim Pinjaman Buku Teks (SPBT) as it is more popularly known in Bahasa Malaysia.

Starting 2008, the MOE made a provision to give free textbooks to every student regardless of socioeconomic status under the SPBT.

In the year 2017, the ongoing KSSR and KSSM syllabus was reviewed. Therefore students who started Standard 1 or Form 1 in 2017 will receive new text books on loan while the rest will continue to receive the older used or recycled text books.

Unfortunately some of the older textbooks have not been well looked after by the recipient students. Some of them are torn, tattered, dog earred and have been defaced with writings and drawings.

Did you know that if your child receives a book in very poor state, they can request to return and have a replacement. Sometimes they may be turned down because there is no stock. At other times, they may get a better replacement.

4 Reasons Why Parents Buy Their Own Text Books Even Though They Get Loaned Text Books

1. Sometimes you may be required to buy your own textbooks. During the year or at the end of the year when books are required to be returned, we sometimes find parents frantically searching for places to buy replacement textbooks for returning if the child has lost the textbooks.

2. At other times, parents may prefer to buy a better book because the textbook on loan is in poor condition and there is no replacement so their child can write or scribble on the books more freely.

3. Some parents buy new textbooks to keep as a set at home so that the child can leave the other set in school. This is to reduce the bag load.

4. Some parents buy a second set, so they can pull out relevant chapters for bringing to school instead of bringing the whole book, at another attempt to lighten the load too.

In any case, if you are a parent who needs to buy a text book for your child, you can check the MOE master list of textbooks for the year 2018 from the following link. The list shows the titles, the publisher and the price of the textbooks.

Katalog Senarai Buku Teks Baharu 2018

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