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School Holiday Programme December 2018


School Holiday Programme December 2018

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Personalized Shoe Labels For Kids

Have you ever had a child lose a shoe? Lose a shoe? Is that even possible? Yes, it is very much possible. Most kindergartens are in bungalows or at a corner terrace house or semi-d and they require children to remove their shoes and place them on the shoe racks outside of the kindy to make sure that the premise remains clean.

Quite often, kids may come to school with similar looking shoes. Mary Janes are a popular style and young children may find it hard to find their shoes in the rush during dismissal times. This happens especially when kids are picked up by transporters. You may find your little ones coming home with someone else's shoes!

What about primary school? Surely school shoes won't be misplaced or mixed up since children will be wearing them all day. Wrong. Children often remove their shoes when they go to the library or prayer rooms. In primary school, most of the shoes look exactly the same. So a mix up is very possible. It is not uncommon to find children coming home with shoes in different sizes, one big and one small or of a different design than the one you bought for them either because they got mixed up or someone else wore their shoes when its time to put them on and hurry back to class.

Some schools require you to label your child's shoes to prevent a mix up. How you label them is up to you. Some will write names at the side or bottom of the shoe. However, you may find that you need to write them over and over again after a couple of washes because the writing may fade.

Another way to label shoes to prevent them from getting lost, misplaced or mixed up is to get personalized shoe labels or stickers. These usually come shaped like little feet with distinction between left foot and right foot. All you need to do is stick the sticker labels on the insole of your child's shoes. The labels come in different colours so you can pick the colour your child likes.

Even with shoe labels, you may find that shoes look exactly the same with exactly the same kinds of labels stuck in the soles. However, since they are personalized with your child's name, it makes it so much easier for your child to recognize and claim ownership of their shoes.

Where to find personalized shoe labels? You can order personalized shoe labels online from Fun Printz at RM22 for 12 pairs. (Shipping charges applies and covers both East and West Malaysia). The labels are water resistant and your child's weight when they wear the shoes ensures that the stickers stay in place even after washing.

Here's a screenshot we took from Fun Printz site. You can personalize your labels by keying in your child's name, select the colour you want and the type of font you prefer before you order. You get to pick from 7 colour choices. Labels will be printed in 3 variations (light to dark) of your chosen colour. 

Questions of the Day: Has your child ever lost a shoe? Does your child's school require you to label their shoes?



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