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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Funny Conversations to remember

I had some funny conversation with the kids but I can't remember some of them now. If I don't have something to immediately record them I forget in the next instant.

Funny conversation with my girl.

My Girl: Mummy, afterwards can you turn to me?

MG: Yes

My Girl: Mummy, afterwards can you turn to me?

MG: Yes. How many times you want to say that???!!!

My Girl: Two times.

MG: Hahahahahaha.

Funny conversation with my boy.

My Boy: You are not a friend. You are mummy.

MG: Why?

My Boy: Because you scold us already, afterwards you smile.

MG: What about Daddy?

My Boy: Daddy scold us already, very loud and dunwan to be good.

My Girl: But then Daddy still love us. He buy toys for us wut.

Children are so straight forward and simple minded little beings.


  1. Yes.. so innocent.. yet.. so bratty at times.. muahahhaha!!

  2. mama bok,

    Innocent little brats. Haha.

  3. hahaha... cute little conversations

  4. daniel,
    The kids just drive me nuts. One moment I'm at the verge of screaming at them, next moment I am laughing. Hahaha.


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