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Monday, December 01, 2008

How to Handle the First Week of School?

Next year, I have a kid starting primary school and another starting kindy. So now I have a headache wondering how I should handle the first week of school.

Hubby was telling me to just drop the boy in kindy and then accompany the girl for the first week. The reason is because the boy is very used to the kindy by now since he is always accompanying me to send and pick his sister there. Quite often, we would hang around there for quite a long time too, watching the kids practising for their concert, taking photographs etc so the school is not new to him.

However, it is HIS first time going to the kindy so I would like to accompany him the way I accompanied the girl to get him off to a good start. So I was thinking of letting him skip the first week (since its mostly a crying week ie the kids will be crying most of the time in kindy), then I can accompany the girl for the first week and accompany the boy for the second week.

But will this be fair to him? Will he miss out anything during the first week? (Apart from the crying). I really don't know what to do. What do you all think?


  1. yes, it seems not fair..
    Why don't you ask your maid to accompany one of your kid. Both of you can switch your turn in that week, maybe the first 2 days you'll be with the girl and the maid with the boy, After that vice versa...

  2. henny,
    Actually my girl didn't get to go to kindy till age 6 so he gets to go an extra year. That means one week later is fair. Haha. Anyway, hope to make an arrangement where hubby accompanies one of the kids. I never trust my maid to handle my kids alone without me. A bit paranoid but better safe than sorry and I don't want to put her in the place of responsibility as well and handling kids is a heavy responsibitly.

  3. Both oso morning session ar?
    Getting ur hubby to help is more than fair. I was about to suggest that too.

  4. MG I think one week absence for the boy is ok, he wont miss anything for that :) he won't even notice he's a week late for school.

  5. Oi..school not yet start already talk about how to handle????

  6. Yup, I vote for getting your husband to take one of the kids too! :D

    Didn't intro myself though. I'm Jenny, 23, mother to Hayden, who's 18 months old. I'm completely ecstatic about Back to School shopping. The problem is, I have to wait another 5 years. :(

  7. annie,
    Yah, both oso morning session.

    Yes, I was thinking that too because for kindy first week all they do is cry.

    Did you read my post? I'm not talking about how to handle their studies lah. In this case I have to plan ahead because they both are in different schools but at the same time and I can't tear myself into two to make sure I accompany them for their first days since it is the first experience for both of them at the same time but at different places.

    Haha. 5 years is really a short time in child years. It'll fly by before you know it. It was only not long ago when my kids were 18 months. Just like yesterday!

  8. It doesn't have to be a week. With my girl, I accompanied her the first day. After that, she was on her own.

  9. yeah, maybe for the first or second day, don't need to send your son yet. the 3rd day only send him.

  10. Lian,
    Wow, your girl sounds very independant. :)

    Yah, I guess. I remember in kindy, the first or second day is just for an hour or two. Besides the boy is very very familiar with the place by now as we go there daily to wait for his sister. Haha.


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