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Monday, December 01, 2008

Mini Teacher

Overheard during a car ride...

My Boy: Kakak is dotty.

My Girl: No baby, Its naughty, not dotty. Say Naughty. Noooooottty.

My Boy: Nooooootttty.

My Girl: Yes. Yes. Say slowly. Nooooootttty. Then fast fast. Notty. Naughty.

My Boy: Noooootttty. Notty. Naughty.

My Girl: Mummy, baby so clever already, can say "Naughty."

Looks like I have a mini teacher so I can relax now. Lol.

My Girl has said a few times that she wants to be a teacher when she grows up. The other day she changed her mind and said she wanted to be an artist.

As for my boy, he wants to be a postman when he grows up. Must be the influence of Postman Pat. Haha.

I wonder what they will want to be next month.


  1. Haha..she sure know how to teach well. It's really good to have an older sibling teaching the younger one, this way, they can learn much faster.

  2. Little kids often make me smile, so enjoy those moments while you have it. Adolescent kids ... very seldom!
    Ian always want to be a fireman, yes..influenced by 'Fireman Sam'.

  3. I also have a mini teacher at home and a very "garang" one indeed. My mini teacher also said she want to be a teacher but later said want to be artist and later she said she wants to be art teacher. :)

    My boy wants to be police man...dunno influenced from who wor...

  4. haha so cute..reminds me of my girl too

  5. Damien is the mini teacher to botak too! And he's been recording down how many words his little brother know...I wonder how long this will last though... :P

  6. Shern's mom,
    Yes, its good, they can play with each other too and then we can have more free time. Haha.

    Yes, better enjoy their little years while I can.

    Wuah, garang one some more. I wonder where she learned it???? Hehehe.

    Yes, when they are not fighting!

    I find the elder one to be a bit bossy too sometimes.

    Wow. He even makes a record of it. So diligent. Haha.


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