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Thursday, April 01, 2010

Gender Stereotyping

Boys are harder to look after. They are slower. They are harder to toilet train. Boys will be boys. They are just naturally more naughty. Blah blah blah. You hear a lot of these sorts of statements. My boy shows me that they are just stereotyping and need not be exactly true.

My boy is rather easy to look after. He is an affectionate little boy. Always ready for hugs and kisses and he tells me "I love you very much" with a big hug whenever he feels like it.

It was really easy to toilet train him. It only took 10 days of daytime training and after that it was smooth sailing all the way. I did not even have to train him at night. He became naturally dry at night with the daytime toilet training.

He is not a naughty boy. He is very good. The little girls in his class like him a lot. Oh he is not sissy. He likes guns and Ben 10 and cars like any other boy but he is a little gentleman. He does not push, grab or fight though he may put his hands on his waist and go hmmmph! and put on his most angry face at times. That is why the girls like him, I suppose. They like to give him little love notes.

He is very good and independant at doing his homework too. When it is homework time, he will take his books out from his bag, do it himself (with the occassional grumbling, dreaming and balancing and playing with his stationaries), then he will keep his books all on his own without much supervision.

We are currently revisiting our rewards system and oh boy what a big difference a little motivation can do. He will help me make the beds. After his homework, he will keep away his books and open up the piano and practise on his own. After that, he closes the piano and gives it a wipe with a soft cloth.

My girl on the other hands prefers to play with intelligent thinking toys rather than dolls. She does not like Barbie at all. But that is another story for another day.

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  1. Your boy is just like my boy. He doesn't give me any trouble and I find it more difficult to bring up the sister.


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