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Friday, April 16, 2010

How to make a paper fortune teller

I remember playing the paper fortune teller game as a little girl. I enjoyed the game very much. However I had forgotten how to fold the paper fortune teller. So how do I teach the kids to fold and play with it?

Very easy. I look to the internet for answers naturally. :) I will give you links to the useful resources I found on how to make a paper fortune teller at the end of this post. Meanwhile, I shall post some photos and talk about the fun my kids had making and playing with their paper fortune teller.

Hidden behind each of the numbers is a fortune or an answer to your question about anything you want to know.....

The kids enjoyed colouring the flaps and decorating it with stickers etc. They also enjoyed thinking up of and writing silly notes or fortunes hidden behind each number.

They enjoyed playing the game very much. Asking silly questions and revealing the ridiculous answeres they had thought of made them roll over with laughter over and over again.

Here are some useful links for those of you who may be interested to make a paper fortune teller.

  1. Origami Fortune Teller from Enchanted Learning - This is for those who enjoy reading and looking at step by step instructions.
  2. How to Make A Paper Fortune Teller on YouTube from User Miamiflip - Great for those who prefer video instructions instead
  3. NiHao Kailan Foldable Fortune Teller - This one is a printable from Nickjr.com's Make & Do Activities. It is lovely to look at, very bright and cheery. Great for little ones. However, older kids may prefer to DIY. There is more fun, pride and satisfaction in folding, designing and creating the fortune teller from scratch. It is very simple to fold.

That is all the resources you need. All you need is a piece of paper, pen and colour pencils so why not start folding now. The kids will certainly love it. Let them come up with the answers or "fortune" and write it down themselves. It is good practise for children just learning to write. It is also good for those just learning to read and if you make the kids spell the colours and numbers to reveal the "fortune", in no time at all they would have learned how to spell the words without even realising that they were learning them. :)

It is also great to entertain the kids during a car journey for example.

However, take note, that the kids can remember the answers hidden behind each number very quickly. So we folded several, so that they won't cheat.... ;)



  1. You have to know a thing or two about origami to do this right?

    i remember playing this when i was a little boy, past 1,2 3 4.. than there were corresponding fortune telling paper chits that you then read out,, hahahah

    thank you for reminding of my childhood

    you have a great weekend and god bless

  2. Hi Eugene,
    You don't need to know any origami. It is very simple. :) Happy Weekend to you too!

  3. I used to play with this very often too with my sis when we were younger.

    Time to recall all this and play with my kids again.

  4. I used to make these as a kid...LOVED them! Was actually trying to figure it out the other day and couldn't even remember where to start. Thanks! :)


  5. Like Ann said: we used to play with this too when we were younger.

    Time to recall! Thanks for remind us about this funny fortune teller!

  6. i remember playing this game too!!

  7. Is that what it's called? I actually posted instructions on how to make it and you can download and print the pattern too. http://blog.valuebookshop.com/2008/2-in-1paper-craft-learning-tool/
    But I didn't know what to call it. With my kids, not so much fortune telling. What they have are instructions to do silly things like knock your head 10 times or jump like a monkey.


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