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Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Our mummy is a nurse

Our mummy is a nurse, our personalized nurse who is always available 24 hours a day. At the moment this aspect of mummy's job is top priority.

We are down with a cough and cold, you see. In addition, one of us has a fungal infection on the finger and a flare up of sensitive nose problem and another one of us has a flare up of excema behind the ears and lots of wax build up within the inner ear.

So mummy must remember what medicine must be taken once a day, 2x a day and 3x a day. Mummy must remember which medicine must be taken before food and which after. Mummy must also remember not to mix up our medication. This is very important as our dosage is different even though the medicine looks the same.

Also, each night after giving us our medication, mummy must remember to pour solution into a pair of ears, spray nasal spray up a pair of nostrils and apply cream on our fingers and behind our ears. Mummy must remember not to mix up our nostrils and ears.

Mummy is getting old. She cannot remember everything. She took almost an hour looking at all our medication and writing down what must be done at what time so she won't forget!


  1. mommies are the ones who can hold many jobs at the same time!

  2. Yeah.....it always falls to mummy and it is always mummy who thinks about all of this.

    How great is a mummy's love.


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