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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Night Rush

There are many articles about morning rush.

However, what I experience is night rush. It starts at dinner. Each night, at dinner, I have to rush to get the kids to finish their meal, then it is a rush to get them to complete some school work, followed by a rush to drink milk, rush to brush teeth, wash up and change, rush to give and apply whatever medicine they are currently taking (yeah, they are always falling sick), then if there is time, reading time or chatting time, rush for lights off, then rush to sleep.

Gosh! I feel like a mad woman each night dashing here and there. My evenings are really hectic. No relaxing evening with a drink and movie for me. Sob. Sob. No annual leave, no relief. I feel so rushed!


  1. You are not alone. My schedule started from 6am till 10pm. Only rest time when my princesses having their afternoon nap. Only a short nap for me because have to start prepare dinner and do some cleaning.Ha ha...take vitamin B it's help ...

  2. i understand, that's why i share house chores with my lovely wife,,,, i reach home at 5.30, wash up the children uniforms and other worn clothes, then i go for my run, at night, teaching and going through the boys' daily school works, by then 10 pm, storm into the bedroom, read togther and play with them,, then sleep..

    but i enjoy every minute of it, dont want to live regretting now spending time with them, cos they will outgrow us in no time man,,,,

    take care now

  3. My routine starts at 7.30am. I cook simple dishes for lunch/dinner, then prepare breakfast before my son wakes up at 8.30am. We start revision fr 9.30am till 11am. Then 1/2hr break before lunch and get ready for school. My evening routine is quite similar with yours though and I enjoy every moment of it.

  4. Nat, My schedule is from 6am to 10pm too. However the rush part is from 7pm onwards. Haha.

    Good for you. :)

    inspired mom,
    We start our day at 6am. Yes, it is rushed, but I wouldn't change anything. It is great to be around for the kids, to be able to provide them with good, fresh homecooked meals, chat, nurture, teach, discipline, and the good thing is I am always here for them whenever they are sick, no need to feel even more rushed arranging for leave etc. :)

  5. Haha..MG..we have the same routine. Evening mad rush starting from dinner till their bed time. After all the mad rush, I am sweating all over!!!

  6. MG and all dear mama there, You all are right, all the rush are worth it. Since in Sabah, I am now FTWM even it is very tired but REALLY Worth it.

  7. My evening mad rush starts when I get home at 6pm, as a working mum it is really tough. The moment I step into the house, it's nenen time, then cook, then feed everyone, take my bath, supervise the elder ones with homework, play with the younger ones, read to them before bedtime. The highlight is when all 4 are fast asleep and I'll be thankful to God that another day has gone by and all my kids are healthy and happy

  8. Sorry ladies....I am now FTHW..SAHM...technical error.

  9. me too! Night time is the busiest time of the day for me. With all the cleaning up, washing up, laundry, kids' homework, etc. After they go to bed, I take my shower, and then, all the madness suddenly vanished. That's my favourite time of the day. Haha.

  10. That's our life .. very typical in almost every household with children.. I super appreciate some me me time after they are sleeping. So peaceful :)


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