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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Parent's Day

Yesterday was Parent's Day at my boy's kindy. Nothing very much to it. Just go and collect the books he had been using and have a chat with the teachers.

The teacher says he has improved in all areas accept his handwriting. She tells me he enjoys his music lessons and cross stitch lessons. He can do a little cross stitch design all on his own without much supervision. She tells me the children enjoys the sewing session a lot. All of them would sit around in a circle and chat and sew at the same time. How wonderful.

She tells me that he is very popular with both the girls and the boys in his class. She says they think that he has a personality that draws people to him.

When I ask him how come so many boys and girls like him, his reply was... "It is very easy to make friends. I just make them laugh." That is his key to making friends.

Yes, he is a abit of a joker. Last night he called me "My lovely" and the other day, he asked me to call him "My child". That had us in stitches. He is a very cheerful and happy boy. :)

1 comment:

  1. I have a joker too. Very cheeky, cheerful and happy. He breaks the ice by making ppl laughs. I wonder if this is the thread of all monkey boys born in year 2004. haha


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