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Friday, September 17, 2010

Raising Readers

It is not hard to raise readers at all. Everything that they say in parenting articles about how to encourage children to read and raise readers is true. Sometimes I disagree with some suggestions made by parenting gurus etc on various other aspects on parenting. However, there is just one way to raise readers and that is READ, READ, READ to them. The rest will take care of itself.

I have read to my children from the time they were very young. That is the time we enjoy the most. Bedtime where everyone gets to cuddle and listen to a story, rhyme or song. Now they make their own stories, songs and rhymes and they can't put a book down. I have to constantly ask them to put down the book they are reading and move on to another activity. When they were young, they used to tear pages from books and draw on them. Not anymore. They love books and they love reading.

We take them to bookshops frequently and we do a lot of reading at home. All of us. I am however sad that my girl does not really like me to read to her anymore. She has outgrown it. Now she likes to read herself. She would take a book and read aloud (always aloud) with full of expression. I still read to my boy because he still prefers it at the moment. However, at times when I get lazy, I declare it "everyone read yourself night" so I get to read my own stuff too in peace. :P


  1. good that your kids have such good reading habits. good for you mummy!

  2. At 8, my girl still wants me to do read a loud. And every night I have to read to each of them, no such thing as of sharing a story. To read for all three of them sometimes takes up to one hour.Yawn


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