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Wednesday, September 01, 2010

School Competitions

As the school wraps up the first half of the second term, the kids have lots of competitions in school. Writing, Singing, Maths, Spelling, Chinese Sentence Construction etc.

The other day, the boy had a spelling competition in school. I sent him late for school on the day they were practising the words, so he said he missed it. :P Later on, I did not prepare him for it at all because there was no time. He didn't even have time to finish his homework. He has been rather slow with his homework because he has not been feeling well recently. Not even enough time for homework.. forget about competitions!

I am very relaxed with him now since he is still in kindergarten so I told him it is ok if he can't finish, do it tomorrow etc but I remind him that things will change next year.

Anyway, he missed out on the discussion and preparation and did very badly, according to him. "Teacher says it is so bad that she is going to show you." :P Haha. Poor little fella. But it is only a spelling test. He will recover from his disappointment. He had wanted to win two trophies like his sister. His sister had one for math and one for some team work at the same kindy. He has one, for popping balloons. lol. So he wants to try to have another one. That is sibling rivalry in its full glory.

The sister on the hand is optimistic about her school competitions. "Mummy, do you think I will win a prize? Guess." I told her I can't guess because I don't know how good the other children are. The competions are usually standard wide for the whole standard. "I think I will win consolation prize." she announces. I have yet to see any winnings yet but I am happy she is optimistic. She is usually pessismistic and has poor self image.


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