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Thursday, November 04, 2010

Chinese School "English"

My girl has to sit for a bilingual computer paper. I was horrified to read this question in the English translation of the question....

"The followings are the uses of computer applications increase day by day, except.....
a. size becomes smaller, b. speed becomes faster, c. the quality of peripheral devises decreases, d. price becomes lower."

Ouch! Everything is just so totally wrong with the question I don't even know where to begin to correct it. In the first place, the word following should not have an "s", "increase day by day" should be "improvements" and we're not even talking about "computer applications" here. The question should probably read.

"Over time, the computer has improved in the following areas except...."

My girl does not have any English tuition and the English subject taught in school is pitiful. I just had a glance at her new Standard 3 books syllabus. It includes... "numbers 21 to 30"

Oh dear, with that kind of level,  no English tuition and if I don't intervene, she will soon speak and write Chinese School "English".

No offence to anyone from Chinese school but it is no wonder that many students from Chinese schools have such poor English. There is no priority and no checks for such gramatical and other mistakes. Even their English teacher frequently makes mistakes when giving them words for spelling and dictation.

Sigh. I just don't know what to do about this. Most of the time, there is hardly enough time to complete the daily homework let alone teach her English. I guess I will just continue to encourage her to read more story books.


  1. I understand better now, why chinese school-ed kids generally have poor english, not because of the lack of use of English language but the wrong usage, so hilariously wrong.
    and..then.. that's how my kid's tuition teacher ended up calling her 'parlia'. She pronounced it in a wrong tone and I'm very sure she doesn't know the proper meaning. sigh..

  2. Now we know how parlia came about eh?

  3. The Eng std in Keb sch isn't high either. I suppose we're using the same text book as Chn schs? I chkd my girl's Std 2 Eng book. Learning no.s from 11-20. So Std 3 learn from 21-30? o.O

  4. slavemom,
    Not sure about that but I know that the BM book is different. The Chinese school level is easier... which makes it harder to catch up later on.... :(

  5. All I can say is that our education system has gone to the dog. I wish all parents, including myself, have the courage to join the brave homeschooling parents in taking charge of our kids' education instead of leaving it to someone else...sigh...

  6. oops, I meant "gone to the dogS"...

  7. I guess there is no greener grass in this picture. No wonder my mum who is a teacher always tells me no matter what, I have to teach at home. Cannot depend on the school teachers.

    For chinese school, now as far as I can see, apart from the language, its the discipline that the kids learn.

  8. oh boy. this is scary. i guess we have to keep teaching our own kid and not rely on the teachers :(


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