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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Pretend Play

It is the first day of school holidays for my girl. So what have we been up to?

The kids decided to open a restaurant. The restaurant took a few days to set up. If I am not mistaken it took about 3 days for the kids to decide on the name of the restaurant, the menu as well as the food which they painstakingly prepared by cutting up coloured strips of paper and placing them into toy cups and plates and arranged to resemble real food.

During the "renovations" I was not allowed to enter the playroom. They hid their stuff under the table and made me promise not to look. Finally the restaurant was open and I was invited to dine there. Dining is free by the way because it is meant to be a fun restaurant, they explained.

The restaurant is called LC Restaurant which stands for Little Children restaurant because it was opened by little children, however adults can eat there too, they were quick to add because they wanted mummy and daddy to join in the game.

The menus. All carefully drawn with the same design on the cover.

Each and every one of the menus has the same items written in them. Wow. So hardworking.

Orders were taken by the owner of the restaurant, a sweet little girl, who was very busy this morning, since her waiter was busy attending a kindy party. So she had to take orders, serve, cook and clean up too.

This is the kitchen where food is prepared. It can get quite hot in here like most real kitchens...

This restaurant is the brainchild of the girl who managed to get a little assistant to help her. The assistant was more than happy although he did take one or two game breaks.

When dining here, you can even ask for extra plates and take out, although you might have to wait a quite a while for takeout since wrapping is involved....

During school days the kids do not have time to play like this. It is a bit sad. I wish they have more time to play. Nevermind, we'll make up for it as we have 6 weeks to play. Yahoo!


  1. wow...COOL !!! Very creative indeed.

  2. heehee..we have a restaurant corner in our kitchen too. The menu just passed down from play to play over the years and extended to a really elaborate one with pictures on them. Your kids can have fun making menu during their art n craft session with you too!


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