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Monday, November 08, 2010

Standard 2 going on to Standard 3

It is coming towards the end of the school year. Just for remembrance, I want to record down my girl's loves and pet peeves for this year, her standard 2 year.

Her Loves

  1. Her class teacher whom she adores
  2. Art Class
  3. A handful of girlfriends whose names changes all the time. She does not have a fixed "gang" of girlfriends and her friends change from time to time. No boyfriends.
  4. Children's Day and Funfair Day
  5. Getting rewards for all sorts of things from newspaper collection to recording how many number of books she has read
Her Pet Peeves
  1. Her current partner, the boy who sits next to her. He tells her hurtful things like "No one likes you" or "You are my first enemy." etc. She hates going to school because of him now. "I can't escape him mummy, he sits next to me!" is her response when I tell her to just ignore him.
  2. Nasi Lemak day for her recess time catered food.
  3. Computer Class. She says she likes the computer teacher but she hates the way she teaches because she is very fierce. Quite often she says she can't follow the class and none of her friends would help her. She gets very worked up whenever computer class is on the next day.
Apart from that, she mentioned that she likes her English teacher but dislikes the way she teaches as well and she does not like her BM teacher and does not like the way she teaches. She goes too fast, does not stop to help anyone or brushes her aside when she asks or says she will get back to her but doesn't, she just wants to get the teaching out of the way.

That is Standard 2. I wonder what Standard 3 holds for her?


  1. Don't worry, when in standard 3, she will meet new friends, new enemies (hahahahah) then again, she will once again miss all those from standard 2.....

  2. eugene,
    Haha. Yes, I am sure there will be many new friends... and enemies too.

  3. Teachers who brush children aside when they ask questions, and merely teach for the sake of finishing the day's lesson or the year's syllabus should not be teachers. Gosh, I so hate the current state of our education system when I read about such teachers and how bad the English standard is, and how un-holistic education is in this country!

  4. Wow...hope the negative stuff dont affect her too badly. Hope the next year will bring more fruitful challenges.


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