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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Little Boy with a Big Heart

Yesterday the boy called out to me "Mummy, come quick. Cheh cheh (sister)'s leg is very pain."

The girl had kicked her toe against the door frame.

When I arrived at the "scene", I saw that the boy had wrapped his sister's leg with a good morning towel. He had his arm around her and he was asking her "Are you all right?"

Later on she said that it was painful when her foot touched the floor, he said "wait, wait" then he quickly got two cushions and put them on her chair. Then he asked her to sit on those so that she would be higher up and her legs would dangle above the floor.

When she wanted to speak to me, he pushed her about on the roller chair to come to see me.

When she wanted to go to the toilet, she hopped on one foot while he held the other.

When she came out of the toilet, he took out his bath towel and laid it on the floor for her to step gently on.

Then he put some water on her foot and said "Mummy, I know what to do already."

When she wanted to take her specs from her school bag, he went to get it for her.

That is my boy. Affectionate, has a soft spot for people in pain, whether its physical pain or when someone looks unhappy, he would comfort them. He loves me, his sister, his dad (I think in this order. Hehe.) and he is able to show his love unreservedly. Now wouldn't it be just wonderful if he could grow into a man who can express his love so well?


  1. awww, sooo sweet....my heart melted reading your post...and yes, hope and pray he will grow up to be an equally loving, caring and sensitive man.

  2. Wow! I'm amazed. At that age? He is very matured for his age. I'm sure he will grow up like that if all goes well..:)

  3. Ooh...that's just so sweet. Jiejie been treated like queen of the day.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Wow, so sweet and heart warming. Yes, it is every parents desire that their children will grow up to love not just themselves but the people around them.
    (Somehow came to your blog as I was looking around for parenting resources)

  6. Hello Amanda,
    Welcome to my blog. :) Thanks for leaving a comment.


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