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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Movie Nights

We have movie nights at our house every Friday. The kids love it. They will bring down their pillows to "book" the very first class seats in the house. Usually we will have a half way intermission too where we will make a hot drink and have a snack. We will prepare the snacks, then carry on with the movie while munching our snacks.

Sometimes the children are so engrossed in the movie, I have to remind them to eat! Movie nights are fun. I really enjoy them. I get to sit back and relax too. I don't have to entertain the kids with all sorts of ideas for play, physical activities and crafting. However, I have to entertain 101 questions though, usually from the girl. The boy is happy enough to sit quietly and watch.

I've been thinking of buying the Tangled dvd as I missed it. My dad was in the hospital at the time. So my husband did the easiest thing to do while he was watching the kids. He took them to the movie theatre to watch a show. I am sure the kids won't mind watching the movie again. They love to watch movies again and again enjoying every part of the show many times over. :)


  1. I loved watching Rapunzel. It's a nice movie to watch with the kids -very touching.

  2. movie night is a good idea. good family ritual. brings the family closer. hopefully this can continue until their teens..:)

  3. My two boys also love Family movie night and is always met with squeals of delight and excitement when my wife or I announce it.
    It is so cheap and easy and yet the kids absolutely love it. It is a two hour guarantee of family togetherness which builds our bonds stronger every time we have it!


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