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Monday, May 09, 2011

Living Skills

I am very ashamed to admit that I am not teaching my kids enough living skills. You see, the demands on their time do not allow for it. How terrible that must sound but that is the truth.

They are both attending Chinese School. On certain days, their days starts at 6am to start preparing for school and end at 8.30pm when they go to bed. In between there may be school hours from 7.45am to 3.30pm or 4pm. After 4pm there is more homework to be completed before dinner and bedtime.

She reads this...........

For growing up children, my priority for them is sleep. I must make sure that they get enough sleep. That is my number one priority. Next, I have no choice but to make sure that they complete their homework. Then of course, we must factor in some physical exercises and playtime too.

What does that leave us? No time for any living skills. I am ashamed to say that they have never washed their own pair of school shoes, nor paint the shoe whitening liquid over their school shoes, not even once! Each time I think about it, which is often, I say I must make the time to let them do this as well as to help me wash vegetables, cook rice, do the laundry, help around the house with simple chores but we never find the time. As it is, we can hardly even find enough time for them to get the proper rest and sleep that they need especially my girl who is taking antiseisure medicine. The importance of sleep to lower the seizure treshold cannot be taken lightly.

and this........

My girl now enjoys both English and Chinese story books. She is quite good in Malay too. A child of 9 who is not only bilingual but trilingual. It certainly takes a lot of effort but at what price...............

but she can't wash this :(

Having said this, it is not really my choice for my children to be trilingual but I feel that the education system here gives me no other choice. Apart from the mad workload, my children's school is really very good. It has very good facilities, the teachers are hardworking and dedicated etc. However, I do wish that we have a better balance in living and educational skills.


  1. Dun worry No.1 : You are not alone.

    Dun worry No.2 : I didnot wash my own plates/shoes till std 4 or 5, itu pun kalau mood ada baik. Now I am clean & neat freak, a.k.a the "kakak" at home, everything pau ka liao.

    Dun worry No.3 : Your dotter is a very smart girl. She can pick up the living skill easily.

    Dun worry No.4 : Can outsource.

    Hahaha, just for fun except Dun worry No.3....

  2. lol Annie, love your sense of humour. ;)

  3. Wow! They sleep at 8.30pm??? And I can't even put my kids to sleep at 9pm. They're not even in primary school yet. Die lah. You are already doing the best you can. You are a good mom, MG.

  4. Carolyn,
    No worries at all. My kids used to sleep at 11pm during kindy days. The bedtime at 8.30pm is a natural progression once they start primary school and stop their daytime naps.

  5. Can they fall asleep easily then at 8.30PM?

  6. Carolyn,
    Very easily no worries whereas they used to take ages to go to bed even at 11pm. ;)


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