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Thursday, January 05, 2012

Back to School

The kids go back to school yesterday. Lots of back to school dramas. The girl suddenly remembered her school crime last year when she saw her wallet. She remembered that she had stolen mummy’s small change from mummy’s coin box and bought some forbidden drinks with it at school (not less than 5 times! according to her) and confessed in fear and tears.

Naturally she got disciplined for it. Stealing is a No-No! It also makes us wonder where we went wrong. Were we too strict with her? too lenient? We questioned ourselves. Then we went through the other worry stages that a parent goes through.

Anyway, that's been resolved, I hope. She knows its wrong. She won’t do it again. She was honest enough to confess. She got punished for it but at the end of the day, she knows that we are very unhappy with her but we still love her despite our unhappiness. Hopefully, we got all the right messages though to her.

As for the boy, he said “Mummy, I’ve got a lot of naughty friends in school but I won’t become naughty if I mix with them. I will teach them not to be naughty when they are doing bad things.” When the girl asked him how he will teach them, he said “When they are doing bad things, I will say “HEY…..”

On the first day of school, the girl discovered that she had the same strict teacher from last year and the boy cannot remember his new teacher’s name.

The school came up with all sorts of parking and picking up kids rules and regulations.

The kids received more new books and their new time table. So on the second day, their bags are back to the weight of a tonne of stones again. They got a notice about Chinese New Year holidays and the girl has homework on the first day of school.

Yup! Back to school… Back to drama.


  1. Sounds so scary. Already dreading for the day to happen to me when my girl starts primary school. Do you have any regrets sending the children to chinese school? With the horror stories I hear of teacher being fierced, using the cane is very normal and tonnes of homework, i'm terrified that the children will be terrified. Hence making them timid and they will not open up. Any advice?

  2. Carolyn,
    I used to be terrified too and I agonized over which school to send the kids... right up to the first day of school! Anyway, no regrets so far. Its a good school. The teachers are very hardworking and dedicated teachers. Some of them are fierce but not all. They are understanding too and most speak English (fortunately, so I can communicate with them) The children are mostly happy. The only thing is.... the homework..... but you know its our duties as parents to balance their lives. If they have an easy going school life, we try to push them more in studies and guide them along. If they have lots of homework, then we try to provide them with more rest and play. :)

  3. Thanks. I feel a bit relieved after reading your advice. More rest and play sounds more fun..lol. I really hope my daughter can adapt well next time.


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