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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Dealing with a preteen or tween


My preteen or tween as they call it, the ages before turning into a full fledged teenager or teen has been driving me crazy.

Kids these days do grow up really fast. My preteen at home is showing signs of growing into a teen fast! Dealing with a preteen or tween is becoming rather challenging.

At the moment she is on a confessing spree. After confessing to me about how she had stolen my small change recently. She has gone on to confess about more ‘crimes’ she has done. Worse still, she picks the most inappropriate times for her confession.

I may be absorbed in doing something else when all of a sudden she will go “mummy, I………… last year.” Yes, the crimes she confess to did not happen an hour ago or not even yesterday or last week. Most of them happened a year or two ago!

So far she has confessed to rubbing off her brother’s homework, copying a friend’s spelling, checking the answers in her workbook when doing work, looking at answers in the reference book during spelling, stepping on a classmates artwork……

I find it really challenging to deal with this. It makes me fume up. When she does this, I can feel my stress level shoot up, not to mention my temper and frustration. Help!


  1. I wonder why is she starting to confess all of a sudden? Is this some kind of thing that all tweens do? I can't remember how I was like last time. lol.

    1. I am not sure why as well and it is really giving me a headache to deal with this.


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