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Friday, January 13, 2012

Popular Chinese New Year Songs

Since Chinese New Year is just round the corner, here are a few Popular Chinese New Year Songs to get everyone in the mood. These were listed on YouTube as Chinese New Year Songs 2012 but they are actually evergreen and very popular Chinese New Year songs that most Chinese are familiar with. The kids will surely love to hear this. Here is the song list and links to the pinyin version in case you don't know Chinese like me but still feel like singing along. ;)

1. 贺新年 (New Year Wishes) by Timi Zhuo/Zhuo Yi Ting - He Xin Nian PinYin Lyrics

2, 恭喜发财 (Congratulate You With Prosperity) - Gong Xi Fa Cai Pinyin Lyrics (or the Dong Dong Dong Chiang song as I call it) :P

3. 新年歌儿大家唱 (Everyone Sing New Year Songs) - Can't seem to find the lyrics to this Xin Nian Ge Er Da Chia Chang Song but the Chinese lyrics in the video is easy enough to follow if you can read some kindergarten Chinese. It has pinyin lyrics too.

4. 大地回春 (The Return of Spring) - Huan Ying Da Di Hui Chun Pinyin Lyrics

Lastly, for those who can read Chinese, there is this lovely printable Chinese New Year Songbook. The pinyin in it does not seem quite correct, that is why I am not recommending it for English readers but kids in Chinese schools should like this one.

One other thing, I love this list of most famous Chinese New Year Songs. Great list.

2016 is Year Of The Monkey.


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