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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Tales from the kids

"Mommy, I cried today. I lost my canteen card and I didn't have any food. After recess, I went back to class, hid my face in the bag and cried."

"Mommy, teacher said I speak too softly in class, she has asked me to join the story telling competition. What story shall I tell mommy?"

"Mommy, teacher asked me whether I can do the job of class monitor but I don't know where teacher sits so how am I going to carry all the workbooks for her?"

"Mommy, we must bring old newspapers for recycling this week. We must! Or I will be scolded by teacher."

"Mommy, I got a certificate for the computer class. Teacher said we should enter the special computer class again. Can I have $40?"

"Mommy, I have a lot of homework today! Why is everyday like that?"

"Mommy, can we go to the park today, can we? If we finish all our homework, can we......"

"Mommy, my mechanical pencil broke again. Can you help me fix it?"

"Mommy, you scolded me so much for deleting the files in the electronic dictionary. You don't love me anymore is it?" 

These are just some of this week's stories from the kids. I get to listen to this everyday, every week. Being a mum is so much fun...


  1. My girl also asked me for RM40 for Dyna Computer last week. She was so proud when she showed me her Certificate. Your girl sounds like a very manja mummy's girl :)

    1. Shireen, these remarks are from both my boy and my girl. My boy is the manja one, not my girl. Lol.


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