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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Kids Educational Sites, Books, Crafts and More

I have written so much on this subject, today I decided to put the links to most of them on one page, to make it easier to navigate. So here it is... the links to my posts on blogger and squidoo on kids educational sites, kids books, kids crafts, parenting kids, what to do with kids, kids exercise and much more.

I will start with the Children's lenses I wrote on Squidoo as these are a fantastic resource for kids. You can now easily click on any of these links to go straight into the Kids Educational Sites, Books, Crafts and More.

You can also visit the Kids Crafts Category on this blog for more Kids Craft Ideas.

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  1. My daughter loves to read too. My son has improved. Now wanting to be read at bedtime but then he won't always pick up the book by himself. And his attention span is not as good as his sister. How do you turn your son into a bookworm?

    1. Carolyn, by reading to him a lot and buying him lots of books as rewards. Now he can't put down a book. Same for my girl.

  2. A kid first learn stuffs at home even before she learn some at school. The best way to start educating your children is to read to them stories until they get interested and show signs of their own will to pick up a book.

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