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Friday, June 22, 2012

No Flowers For This Honey

My birthday's just come and gone. I had won a room stay and a free spa and had envisioned going there to be pampered for a day. The plan in my mind was to go pick up the kids from school, then drive straight to the hotel to surprise them. We would then have a swim in the pool and then have complimentary cocktails since the room I won was an Executive Club Room. The next day, we would go cycling and relax before returning home.

However, the man was too busy, the kids had too much to do and in the end, I had to buy my own cake and wrap my own 'present' which happened to be a souvenir we had bought from our visit to an aquarium during the school holidays. Nothing for this honey, not even flowers from a quebec florist. I wanted a tablet computer to go with those flowers but the man said, "Not this year." I wonder why he even bothered to ask "What would you like to have for your birthday?" when he didn't plan to get anything! Last year, I wanted the same thing and the reply was the same. The year before that I wanted a WII Fit but I'm still waiting. However, he did get me a piano one year and another year, the kids persuaded him to get flowers.

Oh, well, a girl can still dream can't she? Maybe, next birthday....I'll get my flowers and my massage and my tablet computer delivered into my Executive Club Room. However, my free hotel voucher would have expired by then. I wonder if I will ever get to use it.


  1. This just made me cry! It brought back memories of my life with my first husband who never bothered with gifts. It hurts and you try to act like it is OK but it isn't. Honey, go use that Executive Club room for yourself. Let the man take care of the kids while you are gone. He might appreciate you more when you come back. He will continue to think that it is fine with you if he doesn't do nice things for you for your Birthday if you don't let him know that it is not OK. This comes from someone who lived through it, dear. My second husband doesn't treat me that way. So it isn't all men.

    1. Yes, I was thinking of going with my sisters. :)

  2. When my husband does something like that, I make sure to give him a taste of his own medicine when the opportunity presents itself. He usually gets the point.


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