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Monday, November 26, 2012

Rainbow Magic Fairy Books By Daisy Meadows

Rainbow Magic Sepcial Edition: Magical Holiday Boxed Set

Rainbow Magic Special Edition: Magical Holiday Boxed Set

Recently my girl bought a couple of Rainbow Magic Fairy Books By Daisy Meadows. She bought it because she wanted to collect the charm bracelet and bracelet charms that came with the book! Not exactly a very good reason for buying a book but she insisted that she only bought one of them because she liked the bracelet. "I bought the other one because I like the book mum, not the bracelet." said my Little Miss Bookworm. The book has a charm each to collect and a charm bracelet in one of the 6 books in the set. I guess she will be clamouring for more the next time we visit the book store.

The Rainbow Magic series are easy to read and good for girls who like fairies (and which girl does not?). I don't mind that my girl reads it. Kids Popular Chapter Books are great to encourage reading. I don't even mind that she wants to collect the books for the charm bracelets as long as she reads them, and she does.

My girl is a voracious reader and a classic book worm. She reads whenever she gets a chance to and at any time, there will be about 5-6 books and magazines in English and Chinese being read all at the same time. She reads comics, magazines, books, novels, a wide variety of books.

Anyway, back to the Rainbow Magic Fairy Books By Daisy Meadows, I find this Rainbow Magic Special Edition Holiday Box Set very nice as a Christmas Gift for a girl. It includes 4 holiday titles:

Holly the Christmas Fairy
Stella the Star Fairy
Gabriella the Snow Kingdom Fairy
Paige the Christmas Play Fairy

Is your little girl a fan of Fairy Stories too? If she is, you can introduce her to the Rainbow Magic Fairy Books by Daisy Meadows. Daisy Meadows is a pseudonym used by the writers of Rainbow Magic, who are all hugely talented and successful authors in their own right. 

Existing Fans of Rainbow Magic can go here for Rainbow Magic Games And Activities Online.

Encourage Your Kids To Read. The Gift Of The Love For Reading Is A Gift For A Lifetime.

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