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Friday, November 23, 2012

Stop Smoking Education

I think kids these days are more educated about smoking and the bad effects of smoking. I have seen many kids telling their parents to stop smoking now. There is much more publicity and graphic pictures and they are being taught in school about how smoking is bad for them.

I hope that when the kids reach their late teens and early adulthood, they will remember this early stop smoking education and won't pick up smoking the way some young adults did previously. Smoking is not cool. You do not have to smoke to feel that you belong to a group.

I seriously hope that my children won't be caught up in the peer pressure to smoke later on in life. For now, I am content that they show displeasure when someone smokes or tells me to move away from a smoke filled area in a restaurant because "it is bad to breathe in second hand smoke, mom."

Sometimes they ask me "If smoking is bad for us, why do people smoke, mom?" A very good question indeed. Why do people smoke? I wish they would stop. Then the world around us will be a better, cleaner and fresher place to live it and people will become healthier too. So, if you are a smoker, why not stop smoking today. One day you will be a parent and you won't want your kids to smoke knowing how bad smoking is for them.


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