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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Google Reader Alternative For Reading Blogs And News

I'm sure by now that everyone who has been using Google Reader will know that Google Reader is being retired on July 1, 2013. That is sad news indeed for me. iGoogle is also being retired and that's sad too. I love both platforms and use them daily. Now, I can't use my Google Reader to read my favorite blogs and catch up with news anymore.

Google Reader used to make reading blog updates so easy. I had it on my personalized iGoogle page. I don't even open up my Google Reader as I look at it from my iGoogle which is also being retired later this year. I receive new updates on quick clickable links to blog post titles or news headings.

Google Reader Links To Blog Posts

Clicking on the link brings up a pop-up to read the blog content. If I want to leave a comment, then I click on the content to go to the Blogger's page.

Google Reader Pop-Up Content of Blog Post

Now, that Google Reader is being retired, I have to search for an alternative fast. I've decided to try Feedly. I've downloaded Feedly on my Chrome, iPad and Android phone. It was easy to download and it uses data from my Google Reader seamlessly. I don't have to sign up or do anything else further .... accept to authorize it to get my data. Yup! I'm leaving more and more trails on the net.

Anyway, transition is easy and for a time strapped person, that is a joy. I hope they don't start charging later on. Here is where you can get all the links to transition from Google Reader to Feedly alternative including Feedly for your iPhones and iPads, Feedly for your Android phones and Feedly for your various browsers like Chrome, Firefox and Safari. You can use Feedly as an alternative to Google Reader for all your devices including iOS and Android devices plus your desktop computers.

Here is a peek at the Feedly from my Chrome. You have a choice of reading your feeds in Magazine or Card Format, just the titles or full articles etc.  It is a good enough substitute or replacement for my Google Reader for the time being as I don't have time to search for other alternatives.

  Feedly Links To Blog Posts

Pardon the quality of the images. I didn't have time to do a Screenshot, so I just took photos of the pages using my phone and then I BUMPed them to my computer using the BUMP file and photo transfer app. You can read up how to do that here on my post on How To Quickly And Easily Transfer Your Photos From Your Phone To Your Computer.

Can you spot your own blog post in my Reader? If you see my own post in my Reader, it is because I subscribe to it too. I read somewhere that it will help the search engines to crawl your site faster. I'm not sure how much it helps or if it really helps but it only takes seconds to subscribe to your own site. So why not?


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