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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Kids First World Atlas

Recently I spotted this Kids First World Atlas at the Kids Reference Section in the bookshop. I love it. Besides showing the World Map, the terrains and boundaries of the Countries of the World and their flags, the kids atlas also shows the animals, foods, sports and more on the separate world maps on each page plus some interesting facts.

It is an excellent Atlas that can be read to or with the kids and to answer their questions about the world. I love it. Besides the Collins My First World Atlas, we also got the kids the Collins My First Book of The Human Body and the Collins My First Book Of The Solar System.

We have only just started reading the Kids First Atlas. I wonder when we will have time to read the rest of the books in between homework. Fortunately the school holidays are just around the corner.

Tip: Did you know that an Atlas can be read to the kids just like a story book while you talk about the world, its people, famous buildings, foods, sports and more to the kids. An Atlas can be read to the kids like a bedtime story and before naps.


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