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Friday, March 01, 2013

Toilet Paper Roll Animal Cat or Tiger

Toilet Paper Roll Cat

Making Toilet Paper Roll Animals is super easy, fun and quick.

Here's a quick and easy toilet paper roll cat you can make as a fast craft with bored kids.

What you will need for your toilet paper roll cat or tiger:

1. Toilet paper roll
2. Googly Eyes
3. Marker Pen
4. Construction Paper
5. Pipe Cleaners
6. Glue Stick
7. Tape or Staples

Here are the instructions on how to make your toilet paper roll animal cat or tiger:

1. Wrap the toilet paper roll with construction paper and glue (Tip: Push the access paper into the insides of the tube)
2. Glue in the googly eyes or stick them on if you have the sticker type. Alternatively, you can use black paper on white if you don't have googly eyes)
3. Draw in the face.
4. Bend the pipe cleaners to shape to make ears, paws and a tail then staple them in position. (My picture is minus the paws because I forgot to put them on!)

Taddaa! Enjoy. I think our toilet paper roll cat looks rather like a cross between a cat, a tiger and a lion. Maybe you can do better.

We also did a toilet paper roll peacock but I forgot to take a picture of that. What a pity.

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