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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Free Printable October 2014 Calendar For Kids - Halloween Design

I've always enjoyed making cards, posters and calendars using all kinds of computer software and apps. However, it has never occurred to me to make a free printable to give away on my blog before. I guess there is always a first time for everything. I decided to make a free printable calendar for kids. Since it is coming to the last quarter of the year, it would not be practical to make a yearly calendar. A monthly calendar would be more appropriate. Since it is the end of September, I decided to make a free printable calendar for kids for the month of October 2014 incorporating a Halloween Design for kids to giveaway on my blog.

I used Microsoft Publisher to create this calendar. The Halloween Witch Cartoon on the October 2014 Calendar was hand drawn or rather finger drawn by me using my iPad and a drawing app. The iPad is a fantastic drawing tool.

Anyway, here it is. This is my very first free printable that I am giving away on my blog. It only took me minutes to do since I have got the graphics from the Halloween Greeting Card which I did for my blog last year. This is so much fun. I will definitely think of offering more free printables in the future. I hope you enjoy this one.

Download Link: Free Printable October 2014 Calendar For Kids (Halloween Theme)

The file is in pdf format. If you have trouble printing, try the (Print Using System Dialog or Control + Shift + P) Option instead

Free October 2014 Printable Calendar For Kids
Free October 2014 Printable Calendar For Kids


Nov 2014

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  1. That is a cute design, and a very nice thing to do. Blessings.

    1. Thanks Cheryl for the sweet comment and for dropping by my blog.


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