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Monday, September 01, 2014

Sejarah Tahun 4 - History For Standard 4 KSSR -

This is my son's history text book. He is in standard 4 in year 2014 doing the KSSR syllabus in a SJKC (Sekolah Rendah Jenis Kebangsaan Cina). Under the KSSR syllabus, History was included as a subject for Primary School.

It is a challenge to me to teach my son History in Chinese. However, I am able to do so with the help of a Chinese to English dictionary, painstakingly translating word for word as we go along. Besides using his Standard 4 History Textbook, I also bought a couple of History in Malay textbooks meant for the Kebangsaan Schools. This is to help me understand so that I could explain to him in a story like manner before translating the Chinese words to English when reading the History textbook.

I also use the internet a lot by searching for images and videos to help my son understand better. We have found some great sites and pictures for the earlier chapters which helped him a lot. Unfortunately, at the time I didn't have time to share them here on my blog.

Recently he was studying a chapter on "Kerajaan Melayu Awal". I find this video very useful for an overall understanding of the topic that is discussed on the second half of the Sejarah Tahun 4 textbook and would like to share it with readers.

This video shows a brief history about the founding of Melaka and Sultanate of Melaka that led to the formation of Malaya & Malaysia. So here it is the video on

MALAYSIA: Melaka Early History (15th century to 1957)

I find the ending of this video very fitting to share today on the National Day of Malaysia. :)


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