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Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Good Luck UPSR Candidates 2014

Good Luck UPSR Candidates 2014

It is exactly one week away from UPSR 2014 which starts on September 9 and ends on September 11.

I am surprised that the teachers are still giving the kids a lot of homework. Compulsory after school tuition is still on too. Seems like the school will be pushing the kids all the way right to the exams. They have been organizing seminars for the children. The kids have also done a lot of UPSR model papers. I think the idea is to get them to do it till it is almost like second nature. Besides the numerous workbooks they had been doing since the beginning of the year, my girl's school bag is filled with photostatted and printed sheets of UPSR model papers.

Many online sites have uploaded the UPSR trial papers of every state. There are also many tips circulating around and some videos on last minute UPSR tips as well as the "soalan ramalan UPSR" (UPSR forecast papers). I wonder whether everyone really takes note of all these? Some of the videos look interesting too but I think a bit late in the day. If I were to let my girl watch all these or try all the papers, it will only make her confused. The teacher teaches one thing, the video another. Besides, she still has loads of homework and has to stay back after school.

I am really glad we had the long weekend where she could catch up with a little bit of sleep and rest.

This year the mid autumn festival or mooncake festival falls on 8th September 2014 one day before the UPSR exam. This means no playing candles or lanterns for us till late in the night.

Anyway, here's wishing all the UPSR candidates for 2014 good luck.


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