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Thursday, October 09, 2014

Free Animal Fact Sheets And Animal Facts Printables

Some time ago, my son had to do a school project on animals. He needed some animal facts printables.
We spent some time online doing research for his school animals projects. While we were doing that, we found some really excellent sites offering free animal printables in pdf format. I will share some of them with you here.

Orphan Bears Cubs
Orphan Bears Cubs
Image Credit: The above image plus all others on this post are from IFAW

Where To Find Articles About Animals? Here Are 5 Excellent Resources For Animal Fact Sheets

1. International Fund For Animal Welfare (IFAW)

International Fund For Animal Welfare is committed towards saving and rescuing animals all over the world, not only animal populations but including individual animals too. I especially love their free e-magazine called World of Animals. Issues of World of Animals can be read online like any e-book and can also be downloaded for free. You can find the World of Animals magazine from IFAW at the Resource Center. Copies of these magazine about how animals are saved can also be downloaded in pdf format. This is an excellent resource for teaching kids to love animals. At the same time, you can also search the resource center for "Animal Fact Sheets". This will give you some printable fact sheets on mostly endangered animals.

Zebra Colt
Zebra Colt

2. Perth Zoo Animal Fact Sheets

Perth Zoo offers free animal facts printables on their website. The animal fact sheets in pdf format includes a fast facts section, a picture of the animal, a map, the description, diet, "in the wild", threats and a "Do You Know" section. Everything is in one page. Excellent for learners. The page is  beautiful and perfect for kids learning about animals.

Penguin Release
Penguin Release

3. World Animal Foundation Animal Fact Sheets

The World Animal Foundation or WAF organizes its printable Animal Fact Sheets on two pages in long paragraph format. These would be great for older students or kids as you get a lot of facts. Younger kids may prefer the one page printable type rather than one with long paragraphs to read. However, if you are reading with your child, then that is not a problem. All of the animal facts printables here are in pdf format.

Asian Elephant
Asian Elephant

4. Canadian Geographic Animal Facts

The Canadian Geographic offers free printable animal fact sheets in pdf format as well. The fact sheets are organized in one page and classified under the following headings; Fast Facts, Physiology, Habitat/Behaviour and Range. It also includes a picture of the animal.

You also have an option to download the full collection of animal facts in print quality pdf files. The file size is 4.6 MB.

Giraffe Grazing
Giraffe Grazing

National Geographic Kids have lots of animal facts but not all of them are in printable pdf format. That is not an issue though. You can always do a printscreen. Kids from 8-12 can go to the section on Creature Features to find facts about animals which includes photos, videos and even audio of the sound the animal makes. 

Older children from ages 10 and above can go straight on to this page on Animal Facts to find the numerous animals being featured. When it comes to selection of animals to read up on, you just can't beat National Geographic Kids.

If you are looking for facts about animals or articles about animals, I am sure you will find them on one of these sites. Together they provide a very comprehensive and excellent resource for anyone who wants to read up more about animals.

Leaving you now with this cute little picture of a dog from the IFAW Creative Commons Library.

Northern Dog
Northern Dog

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  1. looks good! if my son needs info on animals for school I know where to send him :)


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