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Wednesday, October 08, 2014

School Uniform Brands In Malaysia

From the previous post on Where To Buy School Bags In Malaysia, it makes sense to progress on to this post on school uniform brands in Malaysia for Public Primary and Secondary school. SK, SJKC and SJKT all wear the same school uniforms in Malaysia. At least that is one thing that is the same unlike the English and BM papers for these schools.

Here are a few uniform brands that I know off. Some have websites, some do not but I shall try to mention them all. 

Professor School Uniform was established in 1982. Though a bit on the pricey side, if you have one near your house,  it is convenient to just pop by there for your school uniform needs. Apart from primary and secondary school uniforms, they also have extra curricular school uniforms for scouts uniforms, badges, and scarves, bulan sabit merah uniforms etc which is useful once your child starts extra curricular activities in school usually in Std 3. To find out if one is located near your house, check the Professor store locator here.

Canggih has  been around since 1996. They are sold in over 300 departmental stores and hypermarkets nationwide. They also sell school uniforms online. 

For their online site, they have included a Measurement Guideline For School Uniform to help you select the right school uniform size.

I personally prefer to shop physically for school uniforms. However, online shops can be useful once you are familiar with the brand and the size that you need in which case you can order what you need without having the child tagging along and trying out uniforms in stuffy fitting rooms with a long queue waiting. 

The KPrimary School Uniforms are available from clothing maker Kiko. According to their FB page, KPrimary is available online via Facebook. You will find pictures and measuring charts like the one you see on the right on their FB online shop.

You can usually find KPrimary at major department stores like Aeon, The Store, Pacific and others.

Swan is known for selling school bags but did you know that they also sell school uniforms? Yes, they sell school uniforms and school socks and shoes and even umbrellas and digital watches for kids making it a one stop shop for school needs.

You can get your school uniforms there if you are shopping for Swan school bags for your child. To find out if there is one near you, check this Swan Store Locator.

What other school uniform brands are available?
  • From Tesco, you will find the Signature and Signature Premier School Uniforms. Here is the Tesco Store Locator to help you find the nearest Tesco Store near you.
  • From Aeon, you will find Alpha Kids. Here is the Store Locator For Aeon
  • Unione Brand School Uniforms. Unione is available online here. It is a Penang based company. Currently it has two physical shops, one at Jalan Dato Kramat, Penang and another at Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara. Here are the Unione Store Locations.

When Is The Best Time To Shop For School Uniforms?

The best time to buy school uniforms is the "Back To School" promotion periods. You can easily find school uniforms then at almost all the malls which are doing these promotions. However, if you hate crowds, then you can shop a little earlier. Shopping online can be done once you know your sizes well. Buy Malaysian School Uniforms online.

Take The Poll. How Many School Uniforms Do You Have Or Plan To Have?

How Many School Uniforms Do You Have Per Child?
2-3 is enough. I wash and iron them daily
4-5. I need one for each day of the week. I wash them once a week


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