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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Chinese Pictographic Character List

My daughter is studying Mandarin in Secondary school. Recently she came across some pictographic characters which she could not identify. I didn't realize that one has to continue studying pictographic Chinese characters in secondary school (the origin and construction of Chinese characters), only they are much harder than the usual words like rain, river, fire etc that you come across in primary school.

It took me some time to search for the Chinese pictographic Character List or Chinese Pictograms on the internet but I found a comprehensive one at last. I'm going to bookmark them here for future reference. I found them on two sites. They look identical but I'm including both of the links here just in case one closes down. You never know online when a page will shut down and disappear.

1. From blog cntv.cn - A comprehensive list of the origin of Chinese Mandarin Character list, the pictograph and the current Chinese character beside it or if the page is translated it reads "Oracle Character Chart - Collector's Edition." (reprint)

2. From yyfcs.cn - The same "Oracle Reading Table" which shows the Chinese Pictographic Character List


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