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Monday, January 26, 2015

Pendidikan Seni Visual Tingkatan Satu - Garisan

Recently my Form One girl came to me for help in her "Art" homework. She was learning about "Garisan" (Lines) and thought it extremely boring to have to learn and memorize about the different types of lines, all in Malay.

Strange that she did not come to me for other homework help, except Moral so far (because according to her the Moral teacher is fierce and she dare not make a mistake).

I found some of these sites useful. Going to use these as a source of reference or as my lesson plan. You can use them too. They are all available online but I've just put them together so that it is easier to find later on.

  • Jenis- Jenis Garisan (Types of Lines) - Includes useful pictures from a blog
  • Asas Seni Reka - includes some other topics as well but has a few good charts about Garisan (Lines)
  • A slideshow on Garisan as shown below

Garisan from Norsaliza Zainal

Finally, some Malay to English translation for some of these line related terms

Garisan = Lines
Berlingkar = Coil
Kerawang = Filigree (delicate or intricate design usually on gold/silver)
Bersilang = Cross
Menjalar = Spread
Berpintal = Twisted
Berjalin = Intertwined
Jalinan = Wickerwork
Arca = 3-D Artwork
Melintang = Transverse/horizontal, slanted, diagonal, cross
Beralun = Heave
Bergetar = Vibrate


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