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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Toilet Training For Primary School Kids

Yesterday my std 5 boy told me that when he went to toilet, he saw a small boy hiding in the toilet stall. The small boy then told my son and his friend to help him call the teacher because he had pooed into his pants. Poor kid. I do not know whether it is a result of holding it in but for the little ones, I think we really need to teach, remind and perhaps even nag to remind them to go to the toilet when they need to. 

In another incident, last year my std 6 girl told me that a boy in her class was greatly embarrassed because he pooed into his trousers. Why? Because he wanted to hold on just a little longer to finish the lesson. That may be an extreme example but it did happen.

Here are some things we should teach our little ones before they enter primary school or "big school". These are the things that must be taught as part of their transition from kindergarten to primary school. We often prepare them academically but these living skills should be taught above everything else.

  1. Train them to go to the toilet every morning at home before they go to school so they won't have tummy ache at different times of the day
  2. Remind them to go to the toilet before school starts and during recess
  3. Train them to eat fast during breaks so that they have time to go to the toilet
  4. Tell them that it is ok and they should not be afraid to inform teacher bravely that they need to go during an emergency. If you need to go, you need to go. Remind them that they have to do this no matter how fierce the teacher is
  5. Explain to them why it is unhealthy to hold their urine
Lastly, if an issue should arise, see the teacher to find out what happened, not in a finger pointing angry type of manner but matter of factly to discuss and come up with a working solution for all, parent, child and teacher. If you find that the teacher is being unreasonable, then bring it up to the next level and write a letter if you need to. Hopefully, it won't have to lead to that and can be resolved amicably.

For those who wish to plan ahead, during school orientation or first week of school, ask the teacher or school what are the school rules or regulations they practice for toilet going. Do the children have to take a pass? How many times are they allowed to go? When are they allowed to go? etc. Find out and inform your child. You should also check the conditions of the school toilet and pack some toilet tissues for them if there are none in school.

Both my kids are in SJKC but thankfully they have not complained about this issue before. The only problem is they tend not to drink from their tumblers sometimes almost leaving it untouched but thats another story....


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