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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

KSSR Standard 5 Science Chapter 3 On Survival Of Animals And Food Web Resources

I find it hard to teach Science in Chinese to my son who is studying in a SJKC. So I teach it in English. The concepts are the same. He just has to learn the Chinese words after understanding the concepts.

So here I am doing some research to get some supplementary materials to help him understand his KSSR Standard 5 Science Chapter 3 on Survival Of Animals And Food Chain And Food Web.

Here are the resources.

  1. How Do Animals Protect Themselves From Danger? - This link is from a teacher's blog. Easy to understand and straight to the point. The following YouTube video and Slideshare slides are also useful as illustration.
  2. How Do Animals Protect Themselves From Extreme Weather? - From the same teacher's blog.
  3. Food Chains And Food Webs PPT Presentation - Can choose from one of several powerpoint presentations on food chain and food web from this link.
  4. Food Chain And Food Web Images - From Google Image Search. The following are slides for Form 2 Science on the same topic but they are simple enough and a good explanation for this topic.
  5. How Animals Protect Their Young Images - From Google Image Search and slides from Slideshare as embedded below. (Note: After watching slides below on how animals protect their young, click on the link for google image search and see if they can identify the method.)


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