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Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Primary School Science - How Plants Reproduce

My little guy is very into planting now. He often comes home with a random seed to plant. A bean that he picks up in school. Red bean, green beans etc. We've been planting capsicums, green chillies, avocados, papayas, vegetables, lemons, corn. Not all of them are successful but they're always fun to plant. No, we do not have a big beautiful garden. We only have pots on a concrete porch.

The plant you see in this picture grew out of one of those random leaves he planted or rather threw into the pot. This plant reproduces from leaves.

I think that planting is a great activity for kids and the best way to learn Science, especially on the topic on how plants reproduce.

Here are some other projects you can try with your kids at home. Planting to show how plants reproduce in primary school science.

  1. Home Science Experiment - Germinating Bean Seeds. Very simple, effective and fun 
  2. Home Science Experiment - Growing Plants From Stem Cuttings. You can harvest and eat the vegetable when they are fully grown
  3. Kids Activity - Planting Broccoli from Seeds
  4. Planting Activity For Kids - Planting Flowers and Planting Flowers Part 2
  5. Planting Red Beans - Kids will learn Math, Science and Life Cycle of a Plant
These may not show all the ways that plants reproduce but you can see some of the ways like, leaves, seeds, stem cuttings. While you're in the garden, you can also try this if you spot a caterpillar. 

Happy Planting and learning! The study of science is the study of life itself. 

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  1. I know this plant. used to keep one leaf in a book and let its sprout.


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