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Thursday, April 07, 2016

Standard 4 Science In English Resources For Students In DLP Schools

I often read about the frustration of not being able to find Science in English workbooks from parents with kids doing Science In English in DLP schools. This year (2016) the Ministry of Education Malaysia or Kementerian Pendidikan Malaysia (KPM)  introduced the DLP (Dual Language Programme) in selected schools that fulfill certain criteria set by KPM.

The pilot DLP starts for

  • Std 1 pupils for "Dunia Sains dan Teknologi" and "Matematik"
  • Std 4 pupils for "Sains" and "Matematik"
  • Form 1 pupils for "Sains" and "Matematik"
Some parents are frustrated that they were unable to find workbooks for their kids to practice at home. Well, fret not. When a subject is in English, the world wide web is filled with resources you can use to help your child at home. What's more? They are free. 

Here are some resources for Std 4 science in English. They may not be exactly the same syllabus exactly but when it comes to Science concepts, they're all the same. You have access to powerpoint presentations, printable word and pdf documents, videos. What more can you ask? All you need to do is search.

1. Std 4 Science Mind Maps - this is from the old Malaysian Std 4 Science syllabus. A summary of everything in mind maps. 

Mind map year 4 from nabihah7

2. Primary 4 Science from Wikispaces - You'll find topics on animals, plants, energy, machines etc. with lots of visuals and very easy to understand layouts.

3. BBC Bitesize Science - plenty of Science topics for all levels. Just browse the different levels for what you need including light and sound, electricity, forces and motion, earth and space and much more.

4. Science Zone from Woodlands Resources UK - Plenty of games, quizzes and Science resources have been summarized according to topics for you.

5. Primaryresources.co.uk - You will find lots of printables here for various Science topics in word and pdf format as well as ready made powerpoint presentations which you can use to teach your child. Investigative skills, life processes, living things in their environments, electricity, forces and motion, light and sound etc are some of the science topics included.

Are you still frustrated about not finding workbooks? Don't be. You have so much more Science resources available to you now. Learn to make use of them. As for workbooks, you can try second hand bilingual books from those who have used them previously. Check to see if anyone is selling them here Malaysian Primary and Secondary School Parents Market. This is the sister group for buying and selling preloved school going stuff from the parents in our discussion group the Malaysia Primary and Secondary School Parents on Facebook.


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