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Monday, April 25, 2016

Test Taking Tips For Young Kids

It is the mid term exam season. There are many kids who are now pros at taking tests. However, there are also many little ones who are sitting for tests for the first few times. Some of the younger kids may not understand the concept of tests. That is why we have prepared the following Test Taking Tips For Very Young Kids.

This free printable Test Taking Tips is a very basic one. It is written in very simple language and with a colourful train graphic to make it less serious and scary. Test taking need not be a stressful thing for young children if approached correctly. It is but a mere evaluation to see whether they have understood what they have been taught in school.

Members can go here to print out this free printable Test Taking Tips.

The Test Taking Tips include the following strategies which has been written in more detail for parents to use when explaining these tips to their kids. You can print out the tips and put it on their study table to remind them of the following strategies.

The following Test Taking Tips is for parents to use together with the free printable which is a simpler version of this.

Test Taking Tips For Young Kids

  • Write Your Name - Little ones often forget this. How is teacher going to mark if she does not know whose paper it is? Remind your child about this important fact
  • Watch The Time - Use a timer or alarm clock to practice at home so that they know they have to do the test in a given time period
  • Write Neatly - Remind your child that it will make his or work much more legible and easier for teacher to mark
  • Read Everything - Every single word on the paper is there for a reason, so read EVERY word 
  • Read Instructions - Never answer a question immediately without reading instructions even if it looks easy and you think you know how to answer
  • Ruler - Use ruler for drawing lines. For example, matching word to picture 
  • Check Your Work - Remind your child to check her work upon completion. What to check for? Check for spelling errors, punctuation, capital/small letters should not be mixed up. If words are transferred from passage to fill in the blanks, DO NOT copy wrongly by misspelling the word etc.
  • Cross Out Used Words - For fill in the blanks type of questions with given words, cross out the words you have used as you go along so that you don't end up using the same word twice. It will also make it easier to answer the remaining questions with less and less words to choose from.
  • Count - Don't miss out ? (?=Questions). Do not miss out any question. If  you don't know how to answer multiple choice questions, guess the answer and do not leave it out. If you guess, you will still have a chance of getting it right. If you leave it blank, you will get it wrong straight away. Make sure your child do every question in the test paper. Whole pages have been missed out through sheer carelessness. 
  • Follow Instructions - If the questions say circle, don't underline etc.
  • Underline Important Words - Underline or circle important words to highlight the clues of what is required 
  • Do Easy Questions First - To safe time, do easy questions first BUT always remember to do the rest later!



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