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Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Malaysia June School Holidays Dates And Free May Calendar 2016

It's May 2016 and while designing my free printable calendar for May 2016 I realized that May has a lot of interesting dates and celebrations for parents, students and teachers.

Here are some of the dates worth taking note of in May 2016

Labour Day 2016

We recently enjoyed a nice long weekend due to this annual holiday which falls on 1st May. It is the exam season so those who are preparing for exams in early May may have taken the opportunity to do some last minute revision whereas those who have completed exams in end April may have had a good time relaxing after the exams. Either way, it was a good weekend.

Wesak Day 2016

The date for Wesak Day this year is 21 May 2016. In Malaysia, Wesak Day is celebrated on the fifteenth day of the fourth month in the Chinese Lunar Calendar. This means that if you are looking at the Gregorian or western calendar, the dates will be different yearly. 21 May 2016 is a Saturday.

Mother's Day 2016

Mother's Day is celebrated on various dates around the world. In Malaysia, as with many other parts of the world, Mother's Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May each year. This means that in 2016, Mother's Day will fall on 8th May 2016 which happens to be the second Sunday in May 2016. It's very early this year because the first Sunday is the first of May.

Teacher's Day 2016

Just like Mother's Day, Teacher's Day is also celebrated on different dates around the world. In Malaysia, Teacher's Day is celebrated on 16 May 2016. 16th of May 2016 happens to be a Monday. Some schools may be still busy with exams or marking of exam papers. Quite often, schools may postpone the celebration to another day, sometimes on a Friday or the Friday just before the mid year school holidays. Sometimes it is celebrated on the Friday preceding the actual date. Different schools may choose a different date to have their Teacher's Day celebrations. So, if you are planning to prepare a token for your child's teachers, do check the actual day it will be celebrated in your child's school.

Mid Year School Holidays 2016 Malaysia

The Mid Year School holidays is for 2 weeks starting from 27 May 2016 if you are in Johor, Kedah, Terengganu or Kelantan or 28 May 2016 for all other states.

All of the above dates are marked on our free printable May 2016 calendar to facilitate your planning.

Members can download it from our free printable page link below.

Free Printable May 2016 Calendar Download Link.


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