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Friday, May 27, 2016

Raising Boys

The day before yesterday the boy came home with 3 seeds and told me he was going to give them to teacher for Teacher's Day.

Me: Where did you get them?

Boy: In the school field

Me: Oh. No. You can't give that to teacher. She's just going to throw them away. (thinking of all the other lovely gifts prepared and presented by moms)

Boy: They are seeds of hope (translated from Chinese). From Chapter 4 of my Chinese book.

Me: Don't give them to teacher. Its so dirty. What is she going to do with it?

Boy: Teacher said not to give her anything that will cost money.

Me: Hmm...

Next day...

Boy: Mom, I gave teacher the seeds.

Me: What did she do with it?

Boy: She put it in her pencil box. She also spoke to me for some time.

Me: What did she say to you?

Boy: She praised me.

Me: What did she praise you about?

Boy: I can't remember.

Me: So she was happy with the seeds?

Boy: Yes, I told her it was from Chapter 4 of our lesson.

Boy: See mom, I told you it was okay to give them.

Me: Ok. Ok. I trust you. That is why I didn't INSIST that you don't give them.

Few things on my mind:

  • Should I have prepared some special nice gift for teacher?
  • What did the teacher really think? Did she really like it or was she just being nice? Did she throw it in the bin right after?
  • Should I have said something more to the boy or allow him to be himself? 
  • Did I kill his joy by saying "No, it's dirty. Don't. Teacher won't like it. She'll throw it. etc.
Bringing up kids is full of crazies....


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