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School Holiday Programme December 2018


School Holiday Programme December 2018

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Free Printable Final Exams Planner Calendar For September and October 2016

Final Exams are just around the corner with some starting from as early as end September and the majority of schools having theirs in mid October. With that in mind, I have done a free printable final exams calendar for revising, studying and planning.

You can use this calendar to teach your kids to organize their time well. By now, many schools would have distributed the exam dates and syllabus. Get your child to record the dates which they will sit for their Math, Science, Languages and other test papers. Then work backwards to help them plan their study time. Once you have recorded the dates, you will find that you have very few weekends left before the Final Exams!

This Final Exams Calendar is available for free download for our members. The file is in pdf format and has two pages, one for the month of September and another for the month of October 2016. You can print either one or both pages if the dates run from September to October. Both have cute graphics from Microsoft Publisher software and an exam or studying inspirational quote for kids at the top of the calendar. I have purposely selected the Calendar with the biggest box available for each day/date so you have more space to write stuff.

Enjoy! Or perhaps I should say "Don't Stress!" Click on any of the images below to sign in to our members only page to download this free Final Exams Calendar for September and October 2016.

Reward your child for studying hard. You can participate in our September book deal. The deal ends at the end of the month and books will arrive around mid October, just right after the exams.



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