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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

The Nanobots And Other Stories - A Book Review

Title: The Nanobots And Other Stories
Author: Golda Mowe
Illustrator: Lim Lay Koon
Publisher: Oyez!Books
Number Of Pages: 110
Age Group: 9-14

This book is made out of ten sci-fi stories, for example:
  • A Red Giant 
  • The River Of Poison
  • The Little Blue Bacteria
  • The Nanobots
  • And more...
The Nanobots And Other Stories is an exciting science fiction storybook. After each story there is a page of  interesting and useful science facts. Children who want to be scientists when they grow up will not be able to put this book down once they start reading it. 

In 'The Nanobots', Malanjum, a young boy who was a slave to an alien found some silver liquid that he thought was a toy. When he found out that the liquid were many nanobots which destroys metal, he decides to use it to regain freedom.

In 'A Red Giant'5 billion years from now, the sun had grown too hot for all living things to grow. Even though all water on earth had dried up and there were no food left, Hoklai, a determined father to two children did not give up searching for food and water. One morning, a spaceship as big as a bus landed in front of them. Was this a light at the end of the tunnel or was it another big threat for them?

'The Container of Grass' is a story of air pollution which destroyed the Ozone Layer. People, plants and animals started to die. People even had to wear black protective suits when they went out. Since plants could not be grown easily anymore, ordinary people could only eat pellets. Since Shabad's children were interested in plants, he decided to plant some grass seeds in a biodome together with his family. They did not know that the grass seeds were going to change their fate tremendously.

I think these stories are useful and interesting for people aged 9-14. These stories has many moral values and remind readers to take care of the environment.

This review was written by a 12 year old reader. Just like the Master & Apprentice, this book on technology and science fiction has local character names like Rashid, Kumari, Mei Ling etc and mentions local places like the Kuala Lumpur Cultural Centre. 

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