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Saturday, December 30, 2017

3 Simple Steps To Keep Your Baby Comfortable In Diapers

One of the few things we did when we took our baby home from hospital was to buy a bag of diapers. At the time, being first time parents without help from anyone else accept the internet and parenting books, it somehow slipped our minds that we had to prepare diapers for the baby besides the cute little clothes and coordinated bed sheets we bought for baby's room. We didn't know how to use traditional napkins so we relied on diapers from Day 1.

Despite our inexperience, we somehow got it right when it came to diapers. I'd like to share what we did right in this post. 

Our babies wore diapers as newborns right up to when we toilet trained them. They had the occasional rash but it was perfectly fine for them to wear diapers from the time they are a few hours old if you follow the simple steps below.

Here are the 3 simple steps we did to make sure they were comfortable in diapers.

1. Always make sure they are dry

Changing frequently helps keep babies dry. It is important to get the right diaper brand too. Get the snug and dry types. Make sure they're absorbent. However, just because they are absorbent, it does not mean you should leave them on for hours on end. Changing frequently helps keep that little bum free from rash.

2. Clean baby well

Make sure you clean baby's bottom every time your change baby's diaper. Carry wet wipes if you are out so you can do a quick clean if needed. Use a diaper cream if you notice a rash building. Clean baby from front to back. Never wipe from back to front to prevent urinary tract infection.

3. Get a comfortable fitting diaper

Imagine having to wear a diaper 24/7. Finding a comfortable diaper is a must. Try to find a diaper that fits at the waist, the back, the legs and the crotch. Baby should feel comfortable in the diapers, not scratching at the crotch, legs or anywhere else when worn.

Huggies® Dry Pants fulfils some of the things we look for in a diaper. It gently hugs baby's bottom, is ultra-absorbent to keep baby dry and offers a 5-way comfort fit in 5 areas: waist at tummy, waist at back, two legs and crotch. Did you know that Huggies® Dry Pants is inspired by a mum's hug, so your baby feels as comfortable as they do in your embrace?

We also love the ongoing Huggies Hug2Hug contest and video because it reminds us that we should hug our little ones close because they grow up so fast!

In the contest, you can hug your baby and win a prize! 

What are the prizes you stand to win with your hug?

  • A family travel voucher worth RM6000
  • An iphone 8 
  • A photoshoot package for mom and baby
  • Huggies Dry Pants Super Jumbo Pack
Go to Huggies Hug2Hug Contest page to find out how to join the contest.

In the video, mum's talk about the joys of hugging their babies. Mummy's hug is the best. Watch the video. Do you feel like hugging your baby after watching it? I know I do, even though they are big babies now. That's the joy of hugging and being a mother.

This post was brought to you by Huggies. Huggies® Dry Pants is inspired by a mum's hug, so your baby feels as comfortable as they do in your embrace.



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